Design Thinking Workshop: The Power of Design Sprint (1-Day)
Ms CHAN, Tel: 2788 5013
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Course Introduction

“Everyone is talking about Design Thinking and design sprint, but what is it and why is it relevant to me?”

 Join us for a fun and interactive 1-day Design Thinking sprint, we will sprint through the Design Thinking process in small teams, and you will be equipped with unconventional tools and mindsets to create innovative and human-centred solutions quickly. You will be surprised on how much you can achieve in just 1 day of design sprint.

Design sprint is not just for designers, no experience are required. The sprint will begin from addressing the design challenge to building empathy, brainstorming creative ideas, building prototypes and testing to improve on them.

This workshop will empower you with a new sets of tools and mindsets to sprint like Usain Bolt in your organisation, creating more revolutionary and innovative solutions to the market.

Course Objectives

  • Understand basics of design thinking and the process of a design sprint
  • Apply tools for design sprint to your daily work
  • Practice to run design sprint in your team with tips and guides
  • Collaborate in a multidisciplinary team for innovation projects
  • Develop mindsets for an innovation culture

Target Audience

  • Professionals with a strategic role to drive growth and innovation
  • Project leads and managers who aim to implement systems for innovation
  • Organisational transformation team leaders for building innovative and collaborative cultures
  • Marketing managers that want to diversify their offerings to reach out to new customers
  • Leaders in the NGO field interested to bring bigger impacts to their target users
  • Entrepreneurs with a business idea in mind
  • Educators with a leadership role in schools

Course outline

Pre-workshop Sharing

  • Introduction of THE HATCH


  • Team building
  • Define problem statement
  • Identify users
  • Set goals and success metrics


  • Lightning research
  • Lightning demo
  • Contextual research


  • Personas
  • Customer journey map
  • Decision tools
  • Big posters


  • Ideation games
  • Ideation tips
  • Develop rare and useful ideas


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Test your ideas
  • Storytelling tips
  • Pitching

Post-workshop Sharing

  • Design Thinking for Industrial Application


4 & 5 Dec 2020 (Fri & Sat)


14:00 – 18:00 (total 6 hours)


Cantonese/ English

Course Fees:

HK$2,500 / *HK$2,250 (*early bird on or before 19 Nov 2020 / group discount)

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