Professional Certificate - Leadership in Digital Transformation
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Under digital transformation and agile era, business abruptly becomes much more complex.  In addition to the different career requirements of “Newer Generations”, current leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in setting corporate direction, formulating people strategy and implementing daily business operations.


This course is pinpointing to all these leaders’ pain-points through adopting the modern proven researches findings e.g. Harvard, MIT & Stanford…etc and fine-tuning the contents with familiarizing successful/failure examples for oriental corporates. On one hand, up-to-date contents are more fit to your needs practically, on the other hand, participants could adopt and apply these contemporary proven best-practices in order to run your business simpler, faster & better under Digital Transformation and Agile Era.

Professional Development and Continuous Education Accreditation under Project Management Institute (PMI)

The Professional Certificate is designed under the latest Project Management Institute (PMI) Talent Triangle Requirements. All learning hours are eligible to report your PDU (Professional Development Units) / CEU (Continuous Education Units) to continue your professional standing for  professional certificate holders e.g. PMP. For attendees, who would like to sit for other professional exams e.g. PMI-ACP Certificate test, learning-hours of this certificate can also help them to meet part of the learning hours requirement.


1.    Systems Thinking and Creativity 6 and 8 May 2020
2.    Psychological Resilience and EQ 15 and 17 April 2020
3.    Meaning and Purpose 3 and 5 June 2020
4.    Personality Analysis 10 and 11 June 2020
5.    Cognitive Flexibility 17 and 19 June 2020
6.    Stress Management 24 and 26 June 2020
7.    Positive and Growth Mindset 8 and 10 July 2020
8.    Coaching and Mentoring 15 and 20 July 2020



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Single module is also available for your option, please refer to the below website:

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 1: Systems Thinking and Creativity  (Commenced)

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 2: Psychological Resilience and EQ (Commenced)

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 3: Meaning and Purpose (Commenced)

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 4: Personality Analysis for Effective Stakeholder Management (Commenced)

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 5: Cognitive Flexibility (Commenced)

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 6: Stress Management

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 7: Positive and Growth Mindset

Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 8: Coaching and Mentoring


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