International Conference on "Exploring Manufacturing Opportunities of Value-Added Products with Advanced Machining and Surface Structuring Technologies for New Materials"
HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon
Ms. Karen Ching / Mr. Brian Ng
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Nature and Objective

1-day international conference on overview of advanced machining and surface structuring technologies for precision processing of traditional metals and new materials such as hardened alloy, ceramics, glass fiber and composites as well as the corresponding applications, enabled new products features, value-added components and new business opportunities in different industry sectors will be organised to disseminate the latest technological knowhow to the local manufacturers.

Date & Duration

20 July 2020 (Monday)

09:30-18:00 (~9 hours)

(Please refer to Course Details)

*Originally scheduled on 15 June 2020, it is now postponed to 20 July 2020 due to related arrangements. Please feel free to inquire with responsible colleagues if necessary*


Webinar & HKPC Building

**Due to the development of the pandemic, overseas speakers will make presentations via webinar for the seminar. Participants could take their priorities on joining the online webinar or on-site live broadcast together at function rooms of HKPC Building with television wall and big screen for better interflow**

Topics / Contents

  1. Critical Components Manufacturing with Micro Machining and Nano Processing Technologies
  2. Technological Development and Applications on Alloys and Ceramics Materials and Surface Structuring Technologies
  3. The Business Opportunities in Ceramics and Composite Components Manufacturing and Effective Processing Technologies
  4. Overview on Advanced Machining and Surface Structuring Technologies Development, Applications and New Opportunities
  5. The Effective Fabrication of Value-added Products Made by New Materials with Hybrid Machining
  6. Engineering Parts Fabrication, Maintenance and Surface Treatment with Advanced Laser Processing Technologies

Conference Fee


Instruction Medium

English (with Simultaneous Cantonese translation) and Putonghua


  1. Dr. Kristian Arntz, Head of Department, Non-Conventional Manufacturing Processes & Technology Integration, Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology, Germany
  2. Mr. Marvin Trutnau, Head of AMEC Shanghai, DMG Mori China, Germany
  3. Dr. Matthias Koitzsch, Director of Technical Support, Trumpf, Germany
  4. Prof. Tuan Wei-Hsing, Distinguished Professor, Department of Material Science and Engineering, Taiwan University
  5. Dr. Liu Shao-jun, Professor, Powder Metallurgy Research Institute, Central South University, China
  6. Mr. Sebastian Guggenmos KERN Microtechnik, Germany

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